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Tree Planting in Albuquerque

Adding a tree to your landscape seems simple. Dig a hole, put the tree in the hole and fill the hole. It sounds easy enough! But what about improperly placed trees? Are the branches going to overhang your power lines? Block security cameras? Will roots overtake your plumbing lines or crack a sidewalk? Knowing where to place a tree is as important as knowing how different types of trees grow. CBS Quality Lawn Care doesn’t just focus on the ground level; we know how to handle planting trees to ensure you get the property you want without a headache later!

Roots, Leaves, Branches

Trees are more than just a trunk and leaves. Root systems can spread and interfere with underground piping, rise to the surface and crack concrete or even clog drainage systems. Knowing the sort of root system different trees create is one of the key aspects to planting trees. Whether the root system is spread out but shallow, or narrow and running deep, can make a huge difference, especially when in the city with our buried cables, and don’t forget our climate! Understanding the spread of branches is also vital. A tree with a broad canopy can interfere with power lines, knock satellite dishes off a house or block security cameras on a business property. Branches can be trimmed later, but careful forethought will make life easier. Minimize your future problems and plant wisely now!

Plant It Right! Plant It Once!

Planting trees can be handled by professionals who will take the labor out of beautifying your property. CBS Quality Lawn Care handles more than just the ground; we can take the work out of planting trees for you. With 25 years of experience tending Albuquerque’s landscaping, we know how to handle the native soil, what grows best and how to tend it. Every aspect of grounds maintenance and landscape care can be covered for you with a single call. Contact us today and ask about a free estimate to get your property looking beautiful!

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