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Pruning New Mexico Plants

A pair of shears and gardening gloves aren’t all you need for proper pruning. Knowing when to prune, where to cut and how to make the cut are vital in ensuring the health of the plant. A bush pruned the wrong way can die, leaving an ugly gap in your landscaping and a further expense to have it replaced. Even tree trimming can be done wrong! CBS Quality Lawn Care is the expert you need to prune your shrubbery for maximum health and beauty.

The Wrong Cut Kills!

Shrub pruning is beneficial to the plants when it thins out thick branches to let light reach the plant’s central area, reduces the weight every branch is holding up and removes diseased or insect-infested areas. There’s more to it than just clipping away at anything that looks brown, however. With the wrong clips and cuts, your shrubbery can be reduced to dead wood that’s only good for mulch. Tree trimming also takes an expert hand. Shattered bark can leave a tree vulnerable to rot and insect activity. Wood-boring insects can spread rapidly through a closely growing span of trees. The result is a lot of dead wood that becomes instable and can collapse. The purpose of pruning is to remove excess growth; reducing the amount of material the plant works to keep alive. Done right, the result is lush, beautiful shrubbery. The trick is making sure it’s done right!

Let Albuquerque’s Lawn Care Experts Handle It!

Shrub pruning not only takes expertise but time. Examining each bush, making the right cuts, checking the plant’s health… You don’t have time for this, but CBS Quality Lawn Care does. Putting 25 years of experience in tending Albuquerque’s beautiful landscapes to work for you, we’re able to prune your shrubs, fertilize them, mow the lawn and help you decide on the maintenance plan that will keep your yard looking beautiful. Licensed, bonded and insured, we know exactly where quality matters- in the service we offer you. Contact us today and get your yard ready for a beautiful summer season!

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