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Sod: Installation and Maintenance

It looks simple: roll out the green, tamp it down, apply water and enjoy a nearly effortless, beautiful lawn. But of course, it’s not quite that simple! Proper sod installation needs a well-prepared ground and careful tending to take root and become a lawn. There’s a lot more to it than just laying sod on the bare dirt and leaving a sprinkler on it once a week! CBS Quality Lawn Care knows the benefits of sod installation and how to ensure it takes root to become the lawn you want.

From the Ground Up, Literally

Laying sod means doing prep work. Putting the pieces down over dead grass or on soil that hasn’t been tilled can lead to a quick death for the pieces that you just paid good money for. Not applying herbicides prior to laying sod gives you a yard full of lush weeds that have to be carefully grubbed out to avoid damaging the new sod. The ground has to be cleared of all plant matter, like patches of dead or dying grass. Herbicides should be spread before the ground is tilled. Once the tilling is done, herbicides should be applied again to ensure that the sod isn’t choked out by sprouting weeds within a couple of weeks. Fertilizer should be applied as well. Sod works best when applied over level ground, so dirt leveling may be needed to give your new lawn the best possible start. It should be watered within 30 minutes of being laid. Once in place, sod maintenance means frequent watering for a minimum of 2 weeks to allow the roots to take hold of the soil beneath. Mowing and heavy lawn usage should be held off for at least 3 weeks to ensure that the roots won’t be disturbed.

A Quick, Easy, Beautiful Lawn

It’s the fastest, easiest way to transform a piece of plain land into a lush lawn, but laying sod over poorly prepared ground means you’ll be paying for more sod sooner than you think. Sod maintenance is just as necessary as proper preparation to let the roots take hold and turn those pieces of turf into a real lawn. CBS Quality Lawn Care offers sod installation and maintenance to ensure that what you’re doing is making a one-time investment. With 25 years of experience in handling Albuquerque’s landscaping, we’re equipped to meet the challenges that come with installing sod in the desert. It’s not impossible and you can have the traditional lawn of your dreams. Contact us today and ask about sod!

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