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Rototilling Service in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Gardening is an enjoyable activity that’s good for your health…and possibly your budget, too. If you want to cultivate your green thumb and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, you may need some help getting started. CBS Quality Lawn Care provides rototilling service to prepare your garden bed.

Who Needs Rototilling?

Unlike aeration that simply pulls up plugs of earth to allow room for air and moisture to more deeply penetrate your lawn, rototilling completely turns the earth. Rototilling churns any existing plant material into the soil along with other nutrients to leave a rich bed of loose, nourished earth that is ready for planting. If you want a healthy garden, you need rototilling. Rototilling is only needed annually to prepare soil for planting, so it is not practical for most people to have their own equipment. CBS Quality Lawn Care has the equipment and manpower to make preparing your garden hassle-free. For most garden plots, rototilling takes about an hour. Of course, you can always call us for a free estimate.

How to Prepare for Rototilling Service

If you are getting rototilling for an existing garden patch, there is likely little you need to do to prepare for CBS Quality Lawn Care. However, if you are converting a piece of lawn into a garden, you will need to: If you need help creating a new garden patch, let us know. We can give you an estimate for ground clearing before rototilling service.

Maintaining a Healthy Garden in the High Desert

Once you have healthy soil, you need adequate water to ensure your garden thrives. If you want to minimize water waste and make watering less hassle, contact us to explore your options for drip irrigation.

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