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Trimming Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

It doesn’t seem very hard to take a saw to a tree branch or a pair of clippers to a bush. Time-consuming, certainly, but not difficult! Many people don’t realize the damage that can be done to a healthy tree with improper trimming. Having a lawn care company like CBS Quality Lawn Care can save you from losing an entire row of bushes or needing a dead tree removed.

There’s More to It Than Just a Saw!

Trees grow however they please, and some of those hanging branches can end up being a serious problem. Electric and phone cables can be caught by a tree branch, and what about lightning or wind breaking off a branch hanging right by your living room window? Keeping a tree properly trimmed lets it remain healthy without risking damage to your property, residential or commercial! If a tree isn’t trimmed correctly, it can result in dead and dying plants. A tree branch improperly removed leaves a gaping wound in the tree’s trunk where insects and rot can set in. Bushes trimmed without expert attention lose their foliage and become weak. This makes the plants more susceptible to drought and disease. Don’t risk the health of your plants! It’s more time-consuming and expensive to replace damaged, dying shrubs than it is to have a lawn care company do the trimming for you.

Doing It Right Means Healthier Plants

With proper pruning, shrubs develop thicker foliage and stronger branches. Diseased or dying branches can be removed before they threaten the plant’s life; insect-infested areas can be trimmed away to save the plant itself. Being able to recognize signs of disease or insect damage, as well as knowing the right way and time to prune, are some of the skills that CBS Quality Lawn Care has available for you. With 25 years of experience in handling grounds maintenance in Albuquerque, we’re able to handle everything from trimming shrubs to fertilizing the yard to provide you with the best yard imaginable. Personalized customer service and friendly, knowledgeable staff are all part of the package when you come to where quality matters. Contact us today for the best local lawn care company available and get a free estimate!

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