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Yard Prep Work

Anything beautiful takes work, and that work can be very time-consuming. It’s even harder when you’re not sure what kind of work needs to be done to get the best effect. Do you need to do more than rake leaves in the fall? Do you do anything in winter? When do you re-seed a patch of bare lawn? CBS Quality Lawn Care understands that yard work is part of regular maintenance for your landscape. That’s why we can handle it for you!

Different Seasons, Different Chores!

Did you know that you’re supposed to rake up more than just leaves in the fall? Thatch is decaying plant material, such as dead grass or scattered pine needles that can block sunlight from reaching living grass and prevent water from seeping to the roots. Raking in the fall not only gathers up any fallen leaves but clears away this dying plant material. It can go right into a compost heap if you have one. When do you re-seed bare patches or till soil? Apply pre-emergent herbicides? Every season of the year has a different type of yard work that contributes to a beautiful lawn and a gorgeous property. Every season’s yard work contributes to healthy plants, and healthy plants make for a beautiful yard!

Take the Work out of Yard Work!

That’s the only problem with a beautiful property- it takes a lot of work to accomplish! Whether you’re raising a family or tending your own business, the hours required to maintain a landscape add up quickly. CBS Quality Lawn Care frees those hours up for you by handling the seasonal yard work. After 25 years serving Albuquerque’s landscapes, we know the variations in seasons, how to handle them and how to provide customer-oriented, quality service. Do you want a beautiful yard? A tended property? Contact us today and schedule your free estimate to have that yard work taken off your hands!

Every season brings new challenges, and we’ll face them head-on! Call (505) 884-8122 to get your yard the attention it deserves!