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Searching through landscaping companies for premium lawn and grounds care, quality work and attentive customer service? Look no further! CBS Quality Lawn Care will tend your grass and landscaping for you, letting you have a healthy and beautiful yard without the investment of your own valuable time and energy. With 25 years of experience in creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes, even in the arid New Mexico climate, CBS Quality Lawn Care is fully equipped to make your front yard the next star of the street. Mowing and raking gravel takes time you can’t spare from your family. Your business is always demanding attention. Don’t let the demands of daily life ruin your yard! What we Offer
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Sprinkler Installation and Repair
There is no need to stand in your yard with the hose to make sure your grass or xeriscaping plants get enough water. READ MORE
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Many people don’t realize the effort required for a healthy lawn. Even fertilizing won’t help a lawn that’s struggling with impacted soil. READ MORE
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Xeriscaping Creation and Maintenance
Water conservation is a concern for ecologically- and economically-minded homeowners. That is why many Albuquerque residents chose xeriscape landscaping rather than a full lawn for their yard. READ MORE
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Lawn Mowing and Edging
There’s more to lawn mowing than simply telling a teenager to get the mower out and trim the grass. Many people don’t even know that you can mow your lawn too much! READ MORE
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Weeding and Fertilizing
Weeding a garden means hours on your hands and knees, digging around to try and pull them up by the root and using the right chemical weed killer. READ MORE
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Grounds Cleanup and Pruning
Have a yard full of overgrown shrubs and leaf litter? Is your yard always catching windblown tumbleweeds? READ MORE

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Irrigation2 175x300 Albuquerque Lawn Care Company Maintaining professionally created landscaping doesn’t have to be another responsibility on your list. We’ll maintain your landscaping so you’ll have the time to enjoy it. When you call us, someone answers the phone every time. When you tell us what you’re looking for, we listen. These are small things, but they make all the difference to great customer service. Our professional, knowledgeable staff has helped us establish CBS Quality Lawn Care among landscaping companies as Albuquerque’s reliable grounds-keeping specialist. With everything from summer lawn mowing to fall leaf cleanup, CBS Quality Lawn Care is here to give you a beautiful yard without the effort of maintaining it. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate! Get in Touch

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